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The Evolution of Rights Based Education and its Challenges

NGO approaches to education have evolved from a needs-based approach to the present day’s rights-based approach, what were the key steps? What is the most effective response to the continued underfunding of public education systems in many developing countries? How should NGOs respond to the increase of for-profit low-quality private schools? IDS and Chevening Alumni , Sarabe Chan and Chimwemwe Manyozo, reflect on the Sussex Development Lecture, ‘The Evolution of Rights Based Action on Education [...]

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SDG 4 Education: Necessary ambition or misplaced folly?

Many have criticised the Sustainable Development Goals for being overly broad and unrealistic. While a certain degree of ambition is necessary to drive changes, the fourth SDG (SDG4) on education already bears ten targets, touching on issues such as primary and secondary education, vocational and technical training, teacher training and so forth. While the goal attempts to address the important issues, it also faces the risk of lacking focus. The topic of providing ‘free, equitable and quality p [...]

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The Story of How I got the Chevening Scholarship

I worked hard. I approached a lot of people to make sure that I get this scholarship. I kept pushing all my referees to draft that reference letter. I did not want anything to stand in the way of my scholarship. I finally submitted the application. Then, I waited for feedback. Hours turned into days, and days into months. Lastly, I got the email.   It read as follows: An enormous number of qualified candidates applied for these awards. An independent shortlisting panel was formed to assess appli [...]

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