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‘Youth’ in the Ministry of Youth and Sports

The Mandate and Core business of the Ministry of Youth and Sports is to provide policy direction and guidance on all matters pertaining to empowerment of Malawian youths and management of all sporting activities.  The Ministry exists to coordinate, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate youth programs as well as develop, direct, promote and control all sporting activities through youth empowerment and mass participation in order to have a healthy and productive citizen. Historically, the combinat [...]

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Lessons from Leading Youth Initiatives in Malawi

This blog is as a result of a few meetings that I have had with fellow youth leaders in my country, Malawi, who have been asking me to share some of the lessons I have learned from running youth initiatives in Malawi. For the past four years, I have lead two youth initiatives, Youth to Youth Empowerment, and Maphunziro265 as founding national coordinator and Co-founder and CEO respectively. Let me take this opportunity to state that I am not the founder of Youth to Youth Empowerment. Tayani Vinc [...]

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