Review of Zathu Band previous performances, and Stories from the road

I loved Zathu band, because someday I would like to be a musician-Bisa Primary School

Zathu band has been in Malawi since April 2017  Zathu and has performed in various places. In October 2017, Zathu had Roadshows to launch season 2  of Zathu pa Wailesi radio programme. The roadshow consisted of 9 days on the road, back to back schedule of events, almost daily, in 10 schools, 10 towns across Zomba, Machinga, Lilongwe and Mzuzu. Zathu recently launched their album, Chinzathu Ichichi. You can download the album, all the music videos and get more updates about Zathu at And make sure to like the Zathu Facebook Page.

One of the key questions that people have been asking is: Is Zathu really connecting with the youth in Malawi? To help answer this question, in this blog I shall review previous performances, and share stories from the road touching on the favourite songs of the audience. I shall focus on these two questions: Which section of the roadshow did you enjoy? How did the programs on the road show for the Zathu Pa Wailesi Season 2, impact your life?

Soon after the electric perfomances by the Zathu Band participants were asked to give feed back on the roadshow. Which section of the roadshow did you enjoy? They were asked. The responses indicated that the students enjoyed the drama section, the music section, the gogo section, and the dances. Most of all, the students loved Zathu Band.

I mostly enjoyed the drama section, because I loved how they portrayed the mutual working together of the boys and girls and how they share ideas.- Ezondweni CDSS

I loved Zathu band, because someday I would like to be a musician-Bisa Primary School

I loved the Gogo section, because she gives counsel that youth can relate with.-Bwaila Secondary School

It is clear that students enjoy the products from Zathu and the Band itself. Did the road shows have any impact on the lives of the students? This is where it gets interesting, because the testimonies of students who have had their perception of relationships between boys and girls challenged and child marriages, built self-confidence, and has encouraged the youth to go back to school. Students from Namitete Secondary School, Ming’ono Secondary School and Ezondweni CDSS, testified that Zathu challenged their perception of boy and girl relationships.

I had a male friend and I was mocked. But now after listening to Zathu Pa Wailesi, watching the band members and seeing how the boys and girls relate. I realise there is power in unity. And I am still friends with my male friend. – Ming’ono Secondary School

Students have also testified that they are beginning to feel confident and also encouraged to go to school to be self-reliant.

I feel it has impacted my life, prior to this I was always shy around people, but now I feel I can express myself better and am getting more confident. And I like Chikondi.- St Theresa F.P School

The Show has changed my perception towards my own life, and has encouraged me to go back to school to complete my studies, so I can be self-reliant.-Ming’ono Secondary School

It would a misrepresentation if I mention that is all students who gave feedback that their lives were changed. Other students mentioned that the roadshow did not have any impact on their life.

It’s had no impact whatsoever-Bisa Primary School

I don’t think it has-Bwaila Secondary School

This is expected in every project.

It goes without saying that young people in Malawi mentioned Zimateretere among their favourite songs.

Zimatelezimatele iliboh!-Lucas, Zomba

Komai li boh nyimboyo Zimatere!- the Don, Balaka

Big up to Zathu,nice tune, Zimatere-Wnco, Salima

..Nyimbo ya zimatere Ndayifila-Max, P

The audience also mentioned Sitigonja among their favourite songs

…sitingagonjedi ili supper heavy! Loweluka tili pompo pa wailesi kuzamvela moyo wathu, luso lathu, zathu zomwe ndi deal

Nyimbo ya sitigonja ili nyatwa kwambiri ndipo…I cant wait to download it…Anette waivokera bwino! Kuulukira limodzi ngati chiomba nkhanga! Zathu Bhoo

Comments about the Band

Taiphula Zathu Band,Kutimvetsa Kukoma

Zathu Band imandiwaza heavy-William, Bangula

Ma Guys Alibho! Ndipo Amatha Kupanga perform, Apitilize-Star Boy, Lilongwe

…Anyamata ndi atsikana azathu band mumaitha

Koma Zathu Band ndi deal