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An expired Visa in China

When I had arrived in China, I did all the registrations except the Resident Permit application. Somewhere in my mind, I was sure that I had 90 days after entering china to register for a permit. Looking at the limited money that I had when I arrived in China on 29th September 2019, and the next day to get my stipend being 31st October 2019, I had to manage my resources very carefully. And thinking that I had 90 days, somehow I felt safe. I had to focus on the pressing matters with the little mo [...]

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PhD Journal Entry-Week Three

He coughed and corralled the rattle in his chest into her mouth and then ptui!-spat on the floor in a restaurant. Imagine just how disgusting that is. ‘This is the beginning of the third journal entry, with a very disgusting habit I have seen some Chinese folks do. Spitting! I didn’t even know how bad it was until when I saw one sign in my dormitory elevator which read ‘keep clean and no spitting…’ I guess spitting is a big issue. I must say that I have not come across spitting on campus. It is [...]

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PhD Journal-Week Two -7th October 2019

This is my second entry into my Public PhD journal. Week two of my PhD at Central China Normal University(CCNU), Wuhan, China. The transition from a working person to a student comes with various changes. As a working person in Malawi, I had a domestic worker who did most of the chores. As a student, I have to do everything by myself. I have to cook, clean, do the dishes, laundry, grocery shopping etc. This has not been hard for me, because I was aware of the change, and I was trained by my moth [...]

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