Month: March 2020

What do I do now that I am home?

Welcome home! It has been a longtime since you have been here for this long. Home has always been a lodge. A place where you spend some hours of your days during the week. During the week, it is the place you get to have meal, have occasional conversations, and sleep. The office has always been home. A place where you spend most of your adult life. With the Corona virus, now we must spend more time at home. On one hand, we have people who are excited that they will finally stay at home. On the o [...]

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COVID-19: Rumors VS Facts

I have heard that a patient at Mwayiwathu hospital, in Malawi,  has been found with COVID-19. I have heard that a patient at Kamuzu Central Hospital, in Malawi, has been found with the Corona virus. I believe my country has registered Corona virus cases only that the government and health workers are hiding the information. I believe that my country has a case of COVID-19, the only reason why we haven’t registered any is because we do not have the capacity to detect one. Supermarkets have stoppe [...]

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