Month: January 2019

So, you want to be young people’s mentor?

I am very excited to see an increase in the number of young professionals or university students who are expressing interesting and taking an initiative to mentor young people. I am very optimistic that such mentorship will contribute to change the narrative of Africa.  From my mentorship experience, I have gained some lessons that I would like to share with people who are interested or have just taken their first attempt at mentoring young people. You are not dealing with kids, you are dealing [...]

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Books to Read for those who want to be Entrepreneurs

By Patricia Khomani and Chimwemwe Manyozo Starting a business can be one of those thrilling and yet terrifying decisions we can make with our lives. It seems easy when we see the success of others and it becomes a second-guessing game, thinking whether we made the right decision or not, when we ourselves have started the steps towards forming our business.   Below is a list of some few books we have read, which have been helpful in shaping our minds on how we view the business world and the [...]

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How to Make a Strong Application

Thank God it’s a new year, new day and new hour. A great time to start working on some of those goals. I know a good number of us would like to apply for various opportunities. I would like therefore to share some pointers that might help you to make a strong application. The first step to making a strong application is to read and understand what and who they are looking for. Most of the opportunities that will be presented will provide an outline of what they are looking for. Pay close attenti [...]

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