Month: October 2018

Before you Submit Your Chevening Application

Congratulations on making a decision to apply for the Chevening Scholarship this year. Most of you by now are in the process of approaching people who can proofread your work. It is very possible that you might not succeed to get one person to look at your essay due to various factors. I would like therefore to share a few things with you in case you don't get a proofreader. 1. Check your essays before you submit. You can use Grammarly to check your grammar. You can also use the 'Read Aloud' Opt [...]

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Aboard the SII Learning Visit to Nairobi

Written by Chimwemwe John Paul Manyozo and Wangiwe Joana Kambuzi In a recent trip to Nairobi Social Impact Incubator (SII) Champions had the opportunity to visit various organizations to observe the social enterprise approach they utilise in their operations. These organizations are serving mostly disadvantaged children, women and youth between 18 to 35. The social enterprise approach helps NGOs innovate through the application of commercial strategies to maximize improvements in financial, soci [...]

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